June 27, 2010

Trade ya!

Lately my friends and I have been doing a lot of trading.  Like an old fashioned barter system kinda thing. 

I like it, it's nice!

Recently a friend requested that, in exchange for a brand new hand-me-down package of Thomas the Train Underoos for Milo, I make an over-the-shoulder bag for her out of a very much loved yet now unusable bed sheet. 

The colors are so vibrant and cool, and the texture...oh the texture, the cotton is so just-perfectly-used soft! 

It's such great fabric that she asked me to return the remnants so she can create some cozy pj's.

What she needs is an over the shoulder bag, preferably with some type of closure, that she can use instead of a diaper bag for errands.  Like an "in-between-a-Diaper-Bag-and-a-Purse" sorta deal.  A Toddler Bag I guess?

After designing the bag in my head for a couple of days, I excitedly unfolded the sheet to cut out my pattern.  But to my disappointment surprise horror  ...okay, let's just say I grimaced a little when I saw that it was a fitted sheet

As much as I love upcycling sheets and whatnot, cutting patterns from a fitted sheet is just as annoying as trying to fold one in some sort of presentable fashion (just in case Martha Stewart ever visited my linen closet), not to mention that all the while I have to try to salvage enough fabric for those cozy pj's!

Have no fear, dear readers...I quickly and fully recovered from my panic attack and entered directly into "hyperventilating-over-a-great-idea" mode when I realized all the things I could do with the elastic corners of this delightful treasure that was sitting right in front of my eyes!

For all you moms out there that have wanted to throw every "guaranteed never to spill" sippy cup on the floor and stomp on it after it leaked all over your bag and belongings, this idea is going to save your world. 

Check it out!  An elasticized sippy cup holder:

And what's this?  An elasticized pocket large enough for those "in case of emergency" diapers and wipes case?  Or! Or!  Perhaps she'll want to use this fun pocket to store her own stuff in to keep it crumb free and "findable"? 

Regardless of what she uses it for, I'm pretty sure she'll feel just as cute and organized as the perfectly coordinated, pocketed interior of her new Momma/Toddler bag.

But wait, there's more! 

The back of the bag is embellished with a patched flower and a vintage button:

The front of the bag was given another elasticized pocket...for pacifiers perhaps? 

Then I finished it off with the requested over-the-shoulder strap and a rick rack edged flip flap closure (say that 10 times fast!)

...and, Voila!

Now I'm ready to use it :ahem: give it to my friend!