June 21, 2010

Measure twice, second-guess thrice

Ever have to measure something with an unusual shape or dimension, know the measurements and formula are accurate, but just can't shake the feeling that it's going to be wrong when you go to lay out your pattern?

That happened to me and my friend Krissy today. 

[Krissy is a Seamstress/Assistant for a designer that splits his time and clients between Flint, MI and [Somewhereville] IL.  Today we talked about having me help her out when she has overflow work and other odd jobs that come with time frames that only Wonder Woman could accomplish. I'm really excited about it and I hope it works out!]

When she called to see if I could make two 60" round table skirts by tomorrow I thought, "Oh there's no way [you're going to want me to do this]!".  After some prodding :ahem: encouragment, I found and followed a formula online that helped me calculate the correct yardage, then passed the details along to Krissy who was already at JoAnn's looking for the fabric. 

Turns out that one 60" round table requires almost 8 yards of fabric!  Wow. 

After she found the fabric she was looking for, we then proceeded to text and call back and forth to second, triple, and quadruple guess the accuracy of this formula.  We eventually decided to go with it.   It makes sense on paper, so it can't be wrong, can it? 

[Never mind, don't answer that]

And besides :ahem: she had a family at home waiting for her to take them to the beach, and I had a 22 month old begging to be taken off the big boy potty. 

There comes a point where it's just gotta BE right. 

Does this ever happen to you?