June 24, 2010

I'm calling it a Sewing Retreat

I'm packing up my sewing gear and heading "up north" to house-sit for my mom in the woods...which is kinda in the middle of nowhere.

[I've been a city girl for quite awhile now.  So to me, her living on a dirt road in a house surrounded by a forest with neighbors more than a really good professional baseball player's pitch away, makes it difficult for me to visualize what I'm "in the middle" of].

I'm hoping for a whole weekend of peaceful sewing with mom's dog Savannah by my side, birds chirping, and Bob the cat prancing around the trees with the squirrels.

Oh yeah, and Twizzlers. 

But it'll probably be more like me procrastinating on sewing by taking a much needed visit to the beach, painting my toenails, and laying in the hammock.

I'll keep you posted :wink: