June 27, 2010

...and what a retreat it was!

"I'm calling it a Sewing Retreat" cont'd...
After enjoying a day at the beach with mom and an afternoon of garage sale shopping (stay tuned for a future post of all my goodies!), it was time for me to bid them farewell and begin the arduous job of house sitting in a beautiful,



Oh, sorry :ahem:

Let's see, where was I?

Oh yeah, I was talking about my wonderfully relaxing sewing retreat weekend!

With all kinds of neat little things to keep me sidetracked, I somehow managed to sew three wallets (my goal was five, oops)...

...I also managed to take a bazillion photo's of moms magical woodland, eat some ice cream, lay in the hammock and read my book, eat cookies and milk, run into town, watch a movie, and blog.

Here, see some for yourself!

[If you're going for the full effect while scrolling through the pictures, try really hard to imagine the sound of horses neighing in the distance, birds chirping outside the window by my sewing machine, the breeze rustling the trees, and the occasional Goat, Whip-Poor-Will and Owl.  I have to admit though, that I had a difficult time hearing it all too with Oh My God on repeat in my iTunes.  So, yeah....]

Moms yard is filled with her own handmade rustic goodies, from plant tee pees to benches and trellis's.

I get to take a few of these gorgeous yellow Columbines home with me!

Did I mention she makes this stuff?

Mom made this hammock years ago. I can't believe she still has it!

I saw a big ol' turkey come out of the woods and walk around the yard for a bit while I was sewing!

This is all I saw of Bob the cat though.

Here's Savannah, the quietest dog I know!

Me "on" the motorcycle {tee hee}

That's my weekend in my nutshell of a camera!  I've got some projects lined up for you this week.  Talk soon!