June 23, 2010

Adventure of an Orphaned Tea Towel

A few weeks ago I was lazily scrolling through vendor photo's in a Poppytalk post about The Brooklyn Flea, when I came across a photo from Farfalla's table.

There in her display was a bright yellow, flowery vintage tea towel quietly whispering my name.  I hit the up arrow on my keyboard to take a better look.

Then it happened. 

I instanly fell in love with an orphaned vintage tea towel. 

For one thing, it matches my kitchen perfectly...  

...and, The bright cheery colors speak to me in a it's-gonna-sound-nerdy-so-i'll-spare-you sorta way...

...aaand, the towel is from the year I was born...

......aaaaand, the reason I stumbled along the Poppytalk blog in the first place is because "Poppy" is the name of my future daughter!

{let's take the time to note that it's just not appropriate to ask Mother Nature for better energy than this}

So as destiny would have it, I clicked on Farfalla's Etsy shop to see if it was posted for sale. 

It wasn't.  {aack!}

So I sent her an email to see if she still had it available for sale. 

I could be blinded by my giddiness here, but the nice girl named Neala who responded to my email seemed equally as delighted as I was when I told her how this match made in cyberspace had developed.  She quickly checked her stock, confirmed that she still had it, and posted it for me in her shop! 

I am now in possession of my new little friend, and am looking for a cute way to display it in my kitchen. 

For now I have it pinned with some green vintage curtain tacks

I'd like to put it on or near my green door

It's 16"x28"ish, any suggestions?


I found a perfect spot for my tea towel!  And, got to do a mini makeover too.  You can check it out here.