May 16, 2010

Phase wha...?

:whew: I've been busy!  Since my last post I made some goals and have already met so many of them.  I think I mentioned that i'll be prioritizing projects for my house and yard for awhile until I can get it in a "manageable by one person" level. 

My ultimate goal is to be completely self-sufficient by the end of 2010.  That means my own tools, some know-how and, of course some income.

One of the projects I've been wanting to do since I moved in the house 7 years ago :ahem: was to build a mini rock retaining wall in between the neighbors driveway and ours.  Yesterday I got up really early, pulled out all the existing weeds and old "no matter how many times I rip it out it still comes back" groundcover (that stuff is creepy and well, creepy!). 

Then I went around my yard and collected a ton (really, it felt like a ton!) of garden rocks to repurpose for the wall.

I've already got new [creeping but not creepy] groundcover ready and waiting to plant on Phase 3!

Phase wha...?.  Stick with me here, you'll understand when you see what i'll nicely refer to as Phase 2...

If you don't know me, let me take a minute to explain.  "Phase 2" is a chain link fence in between my neighbors garage and mine that has been broken and growing sapings between the links ever since the neighbors tree fell and broke it three years ago.  "Phase 2" is nicer term than what most everyone has ever heard me refer to it as. 

Much nicer. 

As a matter of fact, Phase 2 will most always answer to "Devil", "I hate you" and "@*&$".  It's your choice to call it what you'd like though, but no matter what it will always stare back at you with a "Braang it" attitude.  I'll stick with "Phase 2" for now, since it's going to die soon anyway. 

Never ever would I wish death upon anything but this fence has been the bain of my backyard existence.  My mom is coming over Wednesday armed with a full arsenal of tools to get rid of this crotchety old broke-down peice of crap.  And I'm not talking about my neighbor.

Here are some other projects we'll be muscling up to on Wednesday:

I'm hoping to patch the sidewalk, but I fear I'll have to replace the whole thing. We'll see...

We're going to cover this section of my garage with plywood to keep out some critters, and to keep my little guy safe until I can find someone a fairy tale landscaping prince to tear down my garage and build me a new one for free :)

We'll be digging up a hideous bush and some more saplings on the other side of my garage.  Hopefully they're not what's been keeping it from falling over!

And last but not least, cleaning out my garage so I can actually walk into it.  Anyone want that old refrigerator?

On my next free weekend, I am hoping to paint a couple of old dressers.  I was planning on painting them both white...unless anyone has any fun ideas!