May 29, 2010

I'm strapped

I'm going to the RAISE IT UP Youth Arts and Awareness event at Buckham Gallery tonight with my almost two year old, and want something breezy and comfy to wear.  I've decided on a flowy, striped tube-top dress that I recently snatched off the clearance rack.

[Before moving on, can we all agree that a tube top dress + an almost two year old tugging at my dress = a potential indecent exposure charge?]

Since I'm not interested in my tata's being mistaken for part of the exhibition :ahem: I thought it best to make a slight modification.  I simply clipped the straps off of a tank top from last year that no longer fits, then sewed them onto the tube top dress.  Voila!

Tube top dress with straps + an almost two year old tugging at my dress = Cute!