March 22, 2010

From drab to Fab!

I instantly fell in love with this lonely vintage curtain when I spotted it at the thrift store a couple of months ago.

As with all of my love-at-first-sights, I didn't immediately know what I was going to use it for.  So away it went into the bin of other green, love-at-first-sight finds waiting for a new day in the sun.

With the unseasonably warm weather here in Michigan last week, the snow melting, and the tulips pushing their way out to the sunny spots, I must have gotten a touch of spring fever.  I couldn't stop dreaming about this sad little curtain, also trying it's best to boast fresh green leaves and pale white blooms through dreary layers of dust and wrinkles.

So a couple nights ago I finally gave in.  I scratched the itch.  I took the pill.  I rescued my little friend from the box, gave it a good freshening up, then upcycled it into the bright, cheery bag that I always knew it could be! 

Don't you love the sassy red zipper?