February 7, 2010

Oooh, 'lookit' what I got!

Thursday afternoon I happened along a tweet from Libby Hampel of ljlh designs saying that she just posted photo's on flickr of some of her items that she currently didn't have listed in her Etsy shop.
Okay, so you know that extra time you find when you're waiting around for just the right moment to start your household chores? I had a lot of that kind of time to kill, apparently.
I decided to take a look at her photo's when, low and behold, the moment my ears have been waiting weeks for had arrived. The moment my lonely lobes met their BFFL (best friend for life).
There was something about these cheery little things, aside from the fact that they're made with beads and hand-rolled quilling paper, that I couldn't resist. I immediately sent a tweet out to show them off, and told Libby to let me know when she was ready to sell them.
Oh Libby, sweet, sneaky Libby.
You guessed it, she posted them for sale the very next day, I made my purchase, and she promptly mailed them out. I had them in my ears by Saturday afternoon and was showing them off to my friends on Sunday!