February 5, 2010

the "i hate bunnies" kind of insane

I went to an estate sale a few days ago where Milo's boyish charm and generous slobbery kisses to strangers aided him in acquiring this :ahem: lovely :ahem: padlock toy for free. I know what you're thinking, "Yeah, I hate toys that have all those annoying loud noises too!", but this is not that kind of toy. It actually has a nice, gentle little "Ding!" to it when the lock opens. It's what came out of my mouth while helping Milo play with it that drove me insane. I'm talking about the "I hate bunnies" kind of insane. You see, the lock only opens when the three animals match. And since Milo is too little to turn the dials, I'm the only one left to satisfy his undying curiousity about what happens when the bunnies match. Perhaps he thinks there will be a different outcome each time? Regardless, it was somewhere near the millionteenth time of saying "Bunny, bunny bunny!" while helping him push the button that I decided it was time retire the padlock and find a new bunny toy to rejuvenate my bunny love bucket. Finding a handmade bunny wasn't difficult, really. Turns out, you can find them in just about any category you can think of: paper, vintage, houseware, jewelry, etc. What was difficult in my quest was finding one made from repurposed materials like this love bunny from DesignLab443. It's made from 50% upcycled materials which made me smile, and it comes with it's own little balloon. Ding!